Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our Trip to UNA

Our story begins at six thirty in the morning. Jordan came by the dorm and picked me up and we drove over to Brandie and Heather's house to meet them so that the four of us could begin our wonderful trip to Florence, AL. Were on on our way to watch the UAM Boll Weevils take on the UNA Lions.

Me and Brandie

Our trip started off great. We were talking goofing around, telling jokes. But then we got to Memphis. No one wanted to listen to me as I was trying to give the right directions and we got lost (I say lost but we knew where we were...we just took a wrong turn). So and hour later, we were back on track and on our way. After one more thirty minute detour as a result of trying to read a 1995 Atlas that had highways labled wrong. We drvoe into Florence, AL

As we drove up to campus and got out of the car, we were in awe. The campus was beautiful. It was at this moment that I fell in love with UNA. If I could I would transfer there right now, but I can't (tear). Anyway, there were quite a few people there and we got directions on how to get to the Stadium. After getting back in the car, we desided to find a Sonic before going to the game. And after a little bit of riding around we finaly found it

I found Adrian in the crowd

So I have to admit that I had a alterier motive in going to the the UNA game. I was going to have a chance to catch up with Adrian (my summer 05 missions partner). He had to work until almost game time and so he didn't get to come early, so my first task was to find him in the crowd. He called me at half time and told me where he was sitting so I grabbed my camera and zoomed in to se if I could find him and I did.

So I desided to go to the home side to see him. When I saw him, all of these memories of our summer in Olympia came running back (And he is still as short as I remember). We caught up with each other. We talked about how school was going and everything. I just wish we could have had a little more time.I also got to meet Leah. She is a sweetheart. She has a great personality and I can tell that she is probably very easy to get along with.

All in all our trip was a success. Although the Weelvils lost, I still had a great time reuniting with old friends and making new ones. After another seven hours cramped in that little car we finally made it home (at four in the morning). I had a great day at UNA.

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